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A Body Language Expert Reveals The Truth About Ivanka And Jared

10 Views • 01/02/21
Rick Kamen
Rick Kamen

Advisor to the President and First Daughter Ivanka Trump has plenty of intriguing relationships in her life, including her connection with her siblings, her stepmother, and, of course, her father, President Donald Trump. And then there's her fascinating relationship with her husband, Jared Kushner, who just so happens to also be an advisor to the President.

The List asked life coach and relationship expert Nicole Moore for her take on the power couple, and her insights were eyebrow-raising. Examining the pair's body language, one of Moore's big takeaways is that Ivanka's warmth, in public appearances, at least, seems to come out in interactions with her father, but not in interactions with her husband.

Moore adds that in all the media clips she's reviewed, she, quote, "never came across Ivanka smiling that wide at Jared." While that may be somewhat unusual, it's not all that Moore picked up about Ivanka and Jared's relationship.

When it comes to Ivanka and Jared, she's undeniably more famous, and is arguably more influential, which is why you may not be surprised to find out that, according to Moore, she quite literally takes the lead in the relationship - at least when they're in the public eye.

Beyond that, Moore notes that, quote, "the power dynamic between the couple is abundantly clear: Ivanka is seen as the more important one in the relationship." Our expert refers to the couple's 2017 appearance at the National Chinese Day Reception in Washington, singling out a moment when Ivanka steps in front of Jared, and Jared, quote, "has to move out of the way and move to the outer edge to accommodate Ivanka's desire to speak with the man they're walking with."

Ivanka and Jared are the parents of three children, daughter Arabella and sons Theodore and Joseph. During a 2017 interview with Deborah Roberts for ABC News, Ivanka had plenty of kind words for the father of her children.

According to Moore, this sentiment from Ivanka was genuine.

Moore says that based on their body language, Ivanka and Jared, quote, "don't hate each other, and there is love there, but it's not warm affection."

The life coach and relationship expert pointed out that, quote, "when someone is really in love, you literally can't stop them from talking about the other person."

Moore backs this up by noting that in nearly every clip of the couple, they're holding hands, however, quote, "what's missing are true indicators of warmth" and "romantic spark."

Keep watching to see how A Body Language Expert Reveals The Truth About Ivanka And Jared!

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